Hooded warbler (Setophaga citrina) and other noteworthy bird records from Guerrero, Mexico

R. Carlos Almazán-Núñez, Alejandro Meléndez-Herrada, César S. García-Vega, Pablo Sierra-Morales, and Alfredo Méndez-Bahena

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We present a list of noteworthy distribution records for 12 bird species in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, which were observed and captured during field work from 2006–2013 in different environments. One of the records (Setophaga citrina) is new to the state, and observations of an additional five species (e.g., Pelecanus erythrorynchos, Mycteria americana, Setophaga dominica) have expanded their geographical distribution to biotic provinces where their presence was previously unrecorded. The presence of another six species (e.g., Elanus leucurus, Setophaga palmarum) with scarce distributional information was confirmed. Records presented in this scientific note highlight the importance of continuing inventory work in unexplored environments, and even in areas that are apparently well-surveyed. Coupled with biogeography, taxonomy and ecology studies, such studies will help to improve the understanding of the natural history of birds and their means of conservation.

Keywords: Biotic provinces, distributional areas, conservation, Neotropics, human activities.

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